CSR Report 2018

CARE FOR OUR PEOPLE CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 46 SEEKING OUT SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS TOGETHER At Boskalis, we are always looking for ways to embed our commitment to sustainability into the concrete projects we implement around the world. This starts with our employees, who develop innovative ideas on a daily basis. In 2018, we set out to spread the word internally about our sustainability initiatives and gather employee feedback on how we make CSR-related decisions.

During two events gathering together over 300 participants, employees were engaged around our four CSR pillars: Impact on Local Communities, Impact on the Environment, Care for Human Capital and Good Business Conduct. Multiple interactive workshops encouraged participants to imagine themselves in the shoes of different stakeholders, reflect critically on the risks and considerations at hand, and develop practical solutions. In one workshop, for instance, several employees role-played the part of fishermen worried that their livelihoods might be adversely affected by a hypothetical project. Meanwhile other colleagues took on the mantle of government officials, while others acted out the part of project insurers, or senior Boskalis staff. Considering all perspectives and finding a balance between different interests is a key part of developing a sound CSR strategy – something our employees came to understand through this exercise.

The idea for a hands-on experience actually came from Boskalis employees themselves – more specifically, from participants in our

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