CSR Report 2018

CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 47

Young Boskalis program. This network connects all Boskalis employees under the age of 36, enabling colleagues embarking on their careers to share experiences and develop ideas for improving how we do business. As the CSR workshop initiative demonstrates, there is certainly no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit or passion for sustainability amongst this group of young pioneers. The events also provided senior staff with an opportunity to speak directly to employees about the value of CSR and a sustainable business approach. Kicking off one event, Boskalis CEO Peter Berdowski noted how “by offering innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions in a rapidly changing world, we can guarantee the success of our business model both for the short and the long-term and attract and retain essential talent.” Investor Relations and Corporate Communications. Speaking to the participants, Martijn Schuttevaer noted how investors and shareholders increasingly recognize CSR as a sign of efficient and sound management: “Companies with a strong CSR strategy see a significant improvement in multiple areas, including employee loyalty, efficiency, reputation, and employee morale.” from the practical installation support we provided to Dutch NGO The Ocean Cleanup in 2016, to the 3D printed artificial reefs we’ve been pioneering off the coast of Monaco. By tapping into the creative potential of every Boskalis employee, and fostering an inspiring and responsible work environment, we are working together to shape a more sustainable future for all. The importance of CSR in driving overall business success was also highlighted by Martijn Schuttevaer, Director of Activating employees on CSR is a key part of our efforts to pioneer sustainable innovation within the maritime sector,

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