CSR Report 2018

CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 49

This chapter describes how we fulfill our commitment to be a business partner who acts with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards stakeholders. We do so by applying our General Code of Business Conduct and we endorse the principles of the International Labour Organization and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We use our leverage wherever we can in creating value within the supply chain.

RISKS & DILEMMAS ‚ ‚ Our leverage in the value chain can be limited ‚ ‚ Large number and global spread of diverse suppliers due to project organization

OPPORTUNITIES & GOALS ‚ ‚ Being a responsible and reliable business partner ‚ ‚ Effectiveness in managing supply chain risks ‚ ‚ Further evolve our supply chain management

KPIs ‚ ‚ Strategic suppliers: percentage spend covered by Supplier Code of Conduct ‚ ‚ Number of suppliers scanned on adherence to the Supplier Code of Conduct RESULTS ‚ ‚ 70% strategic supplier spend covered by Supplier Code of Conduct ‚ ‚ 10 new suppliers scanned and 5 recurring scans ‚ ‚ 2012-2018: 101 suppliers scanned

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