CSR Report 2018

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS CONDUCT CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 50 Integrity, reliability and responsibility are key elements for building trust between Boskalis and its stakeholders. These intrinsic values are reinforced by establishing guidelines and principles for responsible business conduct, and ensuring these are maintained. Boskalis has a General Code of Business Conduct, which is based on international guidelines, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We endorse the principles of the International Labour Organization (including safety on the work floor through our safety program, No Injuries, No Accidents, and the conventions of the International Labour Organization, among others related to child labour and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Boskalis accepts responsibility for matters which lie within its sphere of influence. In the countries where Boskalis operates, we are subject to national legislation and regulations. Boskalis refrains from cultural judgments and conducts itself as a good citizen or guest. We adhere to relevant international and national sanctions. Boskalis reviews its General Code of Business Conduct at least once every two years, most recently in 2018. ANTI-BRIBERY AND ANTI-CORRUPTION POLICY The Boskalis anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy is enshrined in the General Code of Business Conduct. The General Code of Business Conduct states that Boskalis shall not offer, pay, request or accept bribes or other favors for the purpose of acquiring or bestowing any improper business, nancial or personal advantage. The General Code of Business Conduct forms part of the employment contracts of Boskalis staff, having been incorporated in the accompanying employee manual, as well as contracts with directors. Boskalis employees are provided with targeted training on the anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy and are monitored with regard to regulations and legislation concerning bribery and corruption. Furthermore the principles that no bribes or other favors shall be offered, paid, requested or accepted for the purpose of acquiring or bestowing any improper business, nancial or personal advantage has also been incorporated in the Supplier Code of Conduct, which is part of the contractual relationship between Boskalis and its suppliers. Suppliers are obliged to select their own suppliers in accordance with the Boskalis Supplier Code of Conduct. In many countries where Boskalis operates it is impossible to conduct activities without a local partner or sponsor. The guidelines for collaborating with such a partner are set out in a contract, which also speci cally includes the principles from the General Code of Business Conduct as described above. Local contacts may be maintained by an agent, who also assists in the The full text of our General Code of Business Conduct is available on our corporate website. BUSINESS PRINCIPLES

ef cient setting up and execution of projects. Control of integrity risks and compliance with the procedures for concluding agent contracts are part of the internal audits.

WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY Boskalis has a Whistleblower Policy in place that offers employees the possibility to report suspected misconduct within the company. This includes any subject of a general, nancial or operational nature which is not in line with the General Code of Business Conduct. A con dential independent counselor has been appointed for the purposes of the Whistleblower Policy. The counselor shall take the reported suspected misconduct immediately into consideration and gain information in relation thereto. Based on this information the counselor shall decide which actions are appropriate and necessary, including a possible investigation on the reported misconduct. The employee who has in good faith reported the suspected misconduct to the counselor, in accordance with the Whistleblower Policy, shall not suffer any detriment as a consequence of this noti cation. The Whistleblower Policy also provides for the possibility to consult a female counselor. The Whistleblower Policy was revised at the beginning of 2019 and can be found on the corporate website. TAX PRINCIPLES Boskalis has adopted the following tax principles. We believe these principles illustrate good corporate practice in the area of tax management and tax transparency, balancing the interests of our various stakeholders, including clients, investors and the governments and communities in the countries in which we operate. COMPLIANCE We act at all times in accordance with applicable laws and are guided by relevant international standards, for example OECD Guidelines. Disclosures are made in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations, as well as applicable reporting requirements and standards such as IFRS. BUSINESS RATIONALE Tax follows the business, meaning that transactions must have a business rationale. Boskalis does not seek to avoid taxes through ‘arti cial’ structures in tax haven jurisdictions.

RELATIONSHIP WITH TAX AUTHORITIES Boskalis seeks to develop strong, mutually respectful relationships with tax authorities.

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