CSR Report 2018

CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 37

RISKS & DILEMMAS ‚ ‚ Recruiting and retaining qualified, skilled professionals ‚ ‚ Ensuring workplace safety

As our industry requires highly qualified workers and experienced professionals, our 5,912 employees are our most important asset. Our efforts are focused on creating an inclusive workplace that supports and stimulates employees to develop and grow – so we can continue to offer innovative solutions. We aim to attract and retain talented professional by providing a safe and inspiring work environment in which each person is challenged to realize his or her full potential. Keeping our people safe is a top priority. It is for this reason that our No Injuries No Accidents (NINA) health and safety program is central to our operations.

OPPORTUNITIES & GOALS ‚ ‚ Offer an inspiring and challenging work environment ‚ ‚ Provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and subcontractors

KPIs ‚ ‚ Number of work-related safety incidents ‚ ‚ Employee training ‚ ‚ Staff turnover RESULTS ‚ ‚ Lost time injury frequency (LTIF): 0.05 ‚ ‚ Total recordable incident rate (TRIR): 0.40 ‚ ‚ Training hours: 77,857 ‚ ‚ Percentage staff turnover: 15.3%

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