Boskalis CSR report 2017

Boskalis at a glance CSR 2017 – BOSKALIS 10

CSR STRATEGY The principal strategic objective of Boskalis is the creation of long-term sustainable value. Systematic

Boskalis’ three strategic pillars: Focus, Optimize and Expand, are also the basis of our CSR strategy. CSR is the way in which we, as a business operating worldwide, approach our impact on the environment and communities. Our CSR strategy supports the realization of our corporate strategy. It mitigates environmental and social risks related to our operations and increasingly creates profitable opportunities for sustainable and innovative solutions. Our material themes address what is relevant for our business and for our stakeholders. They help us focus on what is most important to be successful in the long term, on optimizing our risk management approach and on expanding our business based on innovative solutions. The four macro trends that are the key drivers of our long-term growth – growing world trade, growing energy consumption, population growth and climate change – also drive the execution of our CSR strategy. The expansion of our business offers both challenges and opportunities: to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive ones. Each project taken on by Boskalis is unique and requires tailor-made solutions. In most cases, our approach to social and environmental aspects of the project is prescribed by an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). ESIAs are a widely used method to analyze, assess and measure the social and environmental effects of a project on the community and the natural surroundings. ESIAs are often prepared on behalf of our client, in order for the client to comply with local legislation and obtain the necessary licenses. They can also be part of the requirements imposed by project financiers, such as the World Bank and, increasingly, commercial banks. The latter financial parties have adopted the Equator Principles: a global sustainability framework supporting responsible risk decision-making, agreed to by over 90 of the largest global financial institutions.

execution of the corporate strategy, that is reviewed regularly in light of relevant market developments, is key to our success. Our CSR strategy is derived from the corporate business strategy, and ongoing interaction and dialogue with our stakeholders. We aim to create new horizons for our clients and stakeholders, based on sustainable profitability.


POTENTIAL ADVERSE IMPACT Socio-economic and/or Environmental

Caused by Boskalis

Contributed to by Boskalis

Directly related to Boskalis’ operations, products or services, caused by a business relation

Remedy actual impact

Cease or prevent contribution to impact

Use leverage to mitigate remaining impact as much as possible

Use leverage to influence the entity causing the adverse impact to prevent or mitigate the impact

Cease or prevent potential impact

Based on OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

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