Boskalis CSR report 2017

CSR 2017 – BOSKALIS 11

SUPPLIERS AND SUBCONTRACTORS Boskalis maintains relationships with around 1,400 suppliers – of which 81% are strategic suppliers – for the central procurement of services, subcontractors, machinery and hydraulics, electronics and survey equipment, wearing and construction parts and facility goods and consumables. Our suppliers are bound by the Boskalis Supplier Code of Conduct. Annual implementation scans monitor compliance. The new BlueScan implementation tool – co-created by Boskalis and leading Dutch maritime players – was launched in 2017. This tool creates unity and clarity for all parties regarding sustainability expectations and process implementation. It enables information sharing in the supply chain, and suppliers only need to adhere to one standard and receive only one audit request. The tool offers clients access to a well-founded sustainability approach and is a concrete incentive for maritime suppliers worldwide to make sustainable choices in products and services. NGOS AND CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS Our activities vary widely in their potential impact. We aim to create value for Boskalis and society at the same time. To be able to do so, it is important that we are embedded in society: we are involved in a large number of cross-sector partnerships with NGOs, sector organizations, educational institutions and knowledge centers. In this way, we are in a position to leverage our experience and know-how to bring about change. Our partnerships have resulted in: ‚ ‚ The adoption of the Building with Nature program in major Boskalis projects such as in Indonesia and the Marker Wadden in the Netherlands. ‚ ‚ Recognition of Boskalis as industry leader in the sustainable dismantling of vessels. ‚ ‚ The opportunity to tackle the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean through our support of The Ocean Cleanup, and rid beaches of waste by way of the Boskalis Cleanup Tour. INVESTORS AND SHAREHOLDERS The following shareholders are known, based on the public register of the AFM, to have been holders of at least 3% in Boskalis share capital as at 31 December 2017:

In cases where an ESIA is used, we are required to comply with the ESIA conditions related to our part of the work. In other cases, we ensure environmental and social risks are identified, assessed and managed. We do so by developing and applying our own, project-specific environmental and social monitoring processes. Our activities vary widely in their potential impact. The impact of our projects is mostly positive at macro level, enhancing the safety and prosperity of the surrounding area. However, at micro level – at the site of the actual intervention – specific social and environmental impacts can be negative, if no measures are taken. We seek to avoid or minimize the potential adverse impacts resulting from our activities, and otherwise to mitigate or remedy these. We exercise our leverage to bring change if we are in a position to influence the entity responsible for the impact. Where we can, we aim to promote positive contributions. ENGAGING WITH OUR STAKEHOLDERS Our stakeholders are described as groups and/or individuals that have a concern in Boskalis, are influenced by our activities or have an influence on Boskalis. We believe that involving our stakeholders adds considerable benefits to our business. It helps us understand their interests and expectations, and to increase the acceptance of our activities in sensitive areas. EMPLOYEES Our employees are the key to our success. Although our activities are largely project-based, the majority of our staff has permanent contracts. We also use employees drawn from a flexible shell, hired locally where possible, and on temporary contracts. Talented, enterprising and highly skilled employees play a crucial role in the way we operate our business. The Works Council is regularly consulted regarding major topics affecting Boskalis employees. The Council was also consulted for the review of our materiality matrix. CLIENTS Our principal clients operate in market segments related to ports, the offshore energy sector and infrastructure. In order to align processes and bring projects to a successful conclusion, we foster a climate of mutual awareness and understanding. The newly launched Boskalis Way of Working system ensures there is a clear understanding of client expectations throughout all phases of a project. It also enables us to, where possible, take project leadership and align sustainable design and execution. Clients are kept informed on our company and business by way of conferences and exhibitions, our Creating New HORIZONS magazine, press releases, our website and personal contact. Our most important stakeholder groups are:

HAL Investments B.V.: 35.71% Sprucegrove Investment Management Limited: 5.16% Blackrock Inc.: 4.87% Marathon Asset Management: 3.57%

Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.: 3.07% State Street Corporation: 3.01%

Besides these large shareholders, an estimated 15% of the shares are held by shareholders in the US, 7% in the UK, 4% in Canada and the remainder in mainly the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Germany and France.

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