CSR 2016 – Boskalis 24

Practical tools

Muller: “At Boskalis we already have many social impact initiatives, but these tend to be at project level. Now we are working on a coordinated, company-wide approach. The program was initiated by a steering committee, which started by mapping the existing situation. Phase one involves establishing the ‘as is’ situation and determining which current and forthcoming projects require special attention. We are covering the entire spectrum, i.e. all projects around the world. Following on from this we are working on formulating and defining the details of the ‘to be’ policy, partly based on best practices. We are doing so by creating awareness and developing training programs, so that this topic becomes a fixed element for colleagues on projects. We focus on employees who are involved in tender processes and execution, but also for example on finance and treasury colleagues. Social impact issues differ from project to project and there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. In each situation employees need to think about their role and the responsibility they want and are able to take at both project and corporate level. The program is a structured way of offering practical tools to enhance knowledge and awareness in this area. Our ultimate goal is that our colleagues come to view this topic as a natural part of their work.” Muller: “It is great to see how positive and enthusiastic the response of our colleagues to the program is; it is clearly meeting a need. Obviously a lot was already being done in this area on various projects, but it is a topic that people at Boskalis feel strongly about and want to take further. What the colleagues mainly want to know is how they can operate within which frameworks and limitations and these are the frameworks we are now developing.” Berdowski: “A program such as this is strongly consistent with the Boskalis tradition, in which we are used to showing respect towards other cultures. Many of our colleagues are curious about local traditions and are open to them – otherwise they probably wouldn’t be working here. This program will help us to operate more effectively at a local level and create the value that the client and the community require of us.” Enthusiastic reception

NINA safety training to local people on a project in Java, Indonesia.

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