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“As a company we want to approach the social IMPACT OF OUR PROJECTS in a decent and responsible way, taking into account the international rules.”

Positioning ourselves as a company that is experienced at managing the social impact of a project will also enable us to provide clients with advice and practical support. Our aim is to gain the support of the local communities for our projects. Creating support and removing resistance also reduces failure costs. In a way you can compare this development to our earlier efforts with regard to Building with Nature: something we initially also put a lot of extra energy into and are now reaping the benefits of. I expect that a growing number of our clients will come to view a responsible social impact approach as a license to operate, a requirement that contractors have to meet. This development is a good fit with our organization, which evolved from a technical background into environmental engineering. And now we are adding social engineering. The approach could be described as Building with Society, because here, again, we are proceeding on a value-based philosophy. In our experience the social impact of our projects is greatest on infrastructural works and dredging projects.”

be influenced by international rules such as the OECD guidelines and our own business principles.” Berdowski: “Our presence when constructing new infrastructure or reclaiming land is relatively brief but many of these projects have a lasting impact. We are temporary guests in a local community, and it is in everyone’s interest that we cooperate effectively with all parties involved. As a company we want to approach the consequences at micro level with due care, insofar as we are able to influence these. We want to do so in a decent and responsible way, taking into account the international rules. This is consistent with the internal and external reputation of our company, and also allows us to show our employees what kind of company we are.”

Distinguishing factor

Berdowski: “It goes without saying that it takes time and effort to develop and embed a company-specific method. But with a good social impact program Boskalis can create a competitive edge.

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