Sustainability report 2019


We live in an increasingly dynamic and interconnected world. In order for businesses to generate long-term sustainable growth, they need to account for the impact of global megatrends. Our corporate business plan is drawn up with a clear eye on those long-term megatrends that offer both challenges and opportunities for Boskalis. These are reflected in our most material sustainability issues and have been considered when developing our sustainability strategy. Five megatrends drive our business practices for projects and through our capacities to add value for clients.

Dredging & Inland Infra

Offshore Energy

Population growth

Growing world trade

More energy demand

Climate change

Maritime Infrastructure

Energy transition

Figure 1: Boskalis business drivers and related activities Boskalis business drivers and related activities

POPULATION GROWTH The world’s population is expected to increase by more than 1 billion persons in the next 20 years, from 7.8 billion in 2020 to 9 billion in 2040. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency predicts that in 2050 around 70 per cent of the world’s population will live on 0.5 per cent of the world’s land area, much of it near water. Furthermore, this growing population is also set to become more prosperous, with an expected increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of 50% by 2040. This growing and more affluent population living in coastal regions underpins the other drivers of our business; climate change, world trade and energy consumption. Across our business, from maritime infrastructure to parts of the offshore energy sector that are of interest to Boskalis, services will be needed on a larger scale. The challenge for our business will be managing this increased demand in a responsible way and providing innovations that offer low-carbon, sustainable solutions for our clients. HOW WE HAVE RESPONDED In response to the pressure for space at the water’s edge Boskalis is active around the world with its clients to create new land. This year we began the construction of an 82 hectare artificial island in the IJmeer lake for the development of residential housing to accommodate the further growth of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As part of the work Boskalis will also create a nature area of more than 3 hectares. Boskalis also started work in Singapore on the development of an 800 hectare large climate resilient polder at the north western tip of Pulau Tekong, Singapore (read more on page 24).


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