CSR Report 2018

CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 25

THE MOST SUSTAINABLE ROAD IN THE NETHERLANDS 2018 saw us begin work to build the most sustainable road in the country. We will be using innovations, including the generation of renewable energy that will compensate for the carbon emissions from the construction and maintenance work. THE OCEAN CLEANUP 2018 saw the placement of a fully-fledged prototype barrier in the Pacific garbage patch in September. Once again this year, through sponsorship-in-kind, we supported the Ocean Cleanup in its challenge of cleaning the ocean’s plastic soup. As the first results were measured, we continued to support the organization to adapt the system to maximize efficiency. USING NATURE FOR COASTAL PROTECTION In collaboration with value chain partners and as a direct result of our work with EcoShape on the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia, a major study was conducted in the unique Deltares Delta Flume test facility in the Netherlands. The project has acquired knowledge of the practical and large scale application of vegetation in flood risk management projects. Boskalis extended its collaboration with PortXL, that is aimed at accelerating start-ups in the maritime sector. Other partners include the Port of Rotterdam, EY and Shell, amongst others. Our participation is focused on bringing our know-how to startups and supporting them in bringing their ideas to market. This year, in collaboration with Van Oord, we carried out a pilot with semi-dry scrubbers on our vessels to reduce fuel costs and cut SOx emissions to levels compliant with International regulations. The patented technology that requires no structural modifications has been developed by a PortXL start-up. We also took steps to be able to include another PortXL innovation in our tenders: ECOncrete. This high-performance precast concrete is a perfect match for our Building with Nature approach, as well as our artificial reef initiative: it enhances marine and coastal infrastructure by inducing the formation of marine habitats, while providing excellent functional and structural properties. BOOSTING INNOVATION IN THE GLOBAL MARITIME INDUSTRY

WAVEJUMP INNOVATION CHALLENGE The Boskalis WaveJump innovation program continued in 2018, focused on stimulating a mindset of continuous innovation within our company. We’ve added an acceleration program to our approach, which provides support and professional coaching to the winners, to be selected in 2019, to strengthen their chance of a successful implementation of their idea. LOW COST NATURAL FLOOD PROTECTION In 2018 we continued work on the reinforcement of the Houtrib Dike in the Netherlands. Our approach involves creating a sandy foreshore meaning the wave loads on the dike are absorbed, thereby avoiding the need to heighten the dike. This solution is not only ecosystem friendly, by introducing a gentler transition from land to water, but it is also more cost effective than a conventional dike upgrade.

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