CSR Report 2018

CSR 2018 – BOSKALIS 15

As a leading dredging and offshore contractor, we are keenly aware of the importance of a healthy environment and know that reducing and mitigating our environmental impact is essential to improve and maintain the health of our oceans, rivers and wetlands. We focus our efforts on managing the negative and enhancing the positive environmental impacts of our projects and on developing technical and infrastructural solutions that enable us to do so. This section describes our material environmental issues, impact on biodiversity and emissions, and how we respond to these.

RISKS & DILEMMAS ‚ ‚ We have no or very limited influence on infrastructure investment decisions ‚ ‚ Some clients focus on price as sole selection criteria ‚ ‚ In the absence of regulations, voluntary use of costly alternative environmentally friendly fuels creates a competitive disadvantage, unless clients are prepared to pay a premium OPPORTUNITIES & GOALS ‚ ‚ Protect ecosystems through Building with Nature approach ‚ ‚ Facilitate renewable energy through wind farm-related activities ‚ ‚ Apply environmentally friendly fuels and energy-saving schemes ‚ ‚ Provide flood defense through coastal and riverbank protection activities ‚ ‚ Contribute to cleaner environment through salvage and wreck removal operations

KPIs ‚ ‚ Support for Building with Nature program ‚ ‚ Number of Building with Nature projects ‚ ‚ Energy-saving measures and pilots ‚ ‚ Reporting on CO 2 emissions ‚ ‚ Assistance to vessels in distress

RESULTS ‚ ‚ Building with Nature program EUR 500,000 ‚ ‚ Seven Building with Nature projects ‚ ‚ Biofuel contract with GoodFuels and energy reduction ambition in the Netherlands ‚ ‚ Scope 1 and 2 CO 2 : 1,180 MT(‘000) ‚ ‚ Various salvage activities on pages 44 and 45 in the Annual Report

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