Boskalis CSR report 2017

Impact on Local Communities CSR 2017 – BOSKALIS 18 LOCAL

DEVELOPMENT On projects where our presence is temporary, we aim to hire local workers. We offer fair wages and decent working conditions. On these projects, the share of temporary employment contracts may be up to 90%. Depending on the nature, size and duration of a project, we can offer jobs in areas including logistics (such as the transport of people, goods and equipment and arranging visas), support (such as HR, SHE-Q, financial administration, procurement, PR, catering, security and accommodation) and operations (such as engineers, welders, deck hands and workshop staff). NINA safety training is provided to ensure that local workers are able to carry out their work, according to our high work and safety standards. If necessary, specific additional training is given. In 2017, safety training was given to workers on a large number of projects, including the New Mexico City International Airport and Veracruz port expansion projects in Mexico and the Duqm project in Oman. We take care to provide decent accommodation, recreational facilities and means of keeping in touch with the home front. The local medical facilities are assessed at every project site and where necessary we set up a temporary clinic and hire medical staff. In a number of countries, including Germany, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Singapore, we have a permanent presence and make targeted investments in the training of local, mostly permanent, staff.

We purchase goods and services from local suppliers whenever possible. Such goods may include fuel, food, facility consumables, wearing and construction parts for our equipment, safety products and equipment such as cars, trucks, bulldozers, cranes and small floating equipment. Office space is mostly rented and where possible we use local shipyards. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to our local suppliers. For more information on our Supplier Code of Conduct, please see page 60. By employing and procuring locally, we not only stimulate the local economy, but also make the project beneficial for the people themselves. In this way, we help increase buy-in from local communities for our projects. Our approach and our projects are often recognized as stimulating local development and prosperity both in the short and long term.

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