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the Netherlands account for 56% of our workforce. Community investment data includes the investments in community programs made by Corporate Head Office and by Boskalis Nederland.

HR data

The employees of joint ventures and the employees of Anglo Eastern, crew of the Dockwise vessels, are included in the overall reporting in view of this group’s substantial size. However, these employees are not employed by a Boskalis majority owned entity and are not included in the detailed reporting. For more information please refer to pages 72-73.

Supply chain data

The supply chain data refers to the procurement spend by the suppliers of the Central Procurement department. 253 of these suppliers are regarded as strategic suppliers who account for some 90% of the Corporate Procurement department’s purchasing volume.




The CO 2 data covers all fuel consumed by vessels of the Dredging & Inland Infra and Offshore Energy divisions. The fuel consumption of the vessels of Stemat will be reported as per 1-1-2017. ISO and ISM standards are used for the conversion of fuel to CO 2 . For the conversion of volume to weight, the ISO 8217:2012 standard is followed. The most stringent density factor of 0.890 kg/l is applied to the MGO/MDO conversion. The following ISO and ISM standards are used for the conversion of fuel to CO 2 : ‚ ‚ Volume to weight conversion takes place according to ISO specification 8217E, using the following specific gravity per liter: – MGO/MDO 0.890kg – HFO 0.991kg. ‚ ‚ Conversion of MT of fuel to CO 2 takes place according to IMO Resolution MEPC.212(63), using the following conversion factor per MT of fuel: – MGO/MDO 3.206 MT CO 2 – HFO 3.114 MT CO 2 . Lost Time Injury (LTI) expresses the number of workplace accidents serious enough to result in absence from work. Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) expresses the number of workplace accidents resulting in absence from work per 200,000 hours worked. The LTIF overview on page 74 shows a breakdown for the various divisions. In addition to LTIF, we also provide the Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR). TRIR is composed of LTIs, Medical Treatment Cases and Restricted Work Cases, per 200,000 hours worked. Safety data


In 2016 our sustainability performance was monitored and benchmarked: ‚ ‚ Boskalis was once again certified for the highest level of the CO 2 Performance Ladder (level 5) in the Netherlands. ‚ ‚ We finished 46th out of 485 companies surveyed for the Transparency Benchmark of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. ‚ ‚ Once again we took part in the Carbon Disclosure Project, a global reporting platform that makes information on emissions available to subscribed investors.

Publication date

The CSR Report 2016 was published at the same time as the Annual Report 2016 on 8 March 2017 on the corporate website.


Any suggestions you may have for improving our CSR policy or the way we report on it are greatly appreciated. We are happy to engage with you on this subject, in which case you are kindly requested to contact: Martijn L.D. Schuttevâer Director Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Telephone: +31 78 6969822 Email: Website:

Community investment data

Material permanent operations outside the Netherlands are limited. Most of our activities are project-based and therefore temporary in nature. We provide qualitative reporting on the community activities for these operations. In view of our permanent presence in the Netherlands we provide quantitative reporting on the community initiatives undertaken by our domestic operations. Our operations in

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