CSR 2016 – boskalis 61

Corporate Governance

Boskalis operates a two-tier board model, which means that management and supervision are segregated. The Board of Management is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business, and for setting out and realizing the company’s long-term strategy along with the associated risks, the results and entrepreneurial aspects relevant to the company. The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising management performance and also provides the Board of Management with advice. At Boskalis there is close collaboration between the Supervisory Board and its committees, as well as the Board of Management to ensure that the interests of all our stakeholders are taken into account. The Supervisory Board reviews the strategy and the risks associated with it. Early 2017, the Corporate Business Plan 2017-2019 was discussed and approved. For more information, please refer to the strategy section in our Annual Report 2016. At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in November Ms. Ilona Haaijer was appointed to the Supervisory Board for a four-year term. Ms. Haaijer is considered to be very qualified to fulfill the Supervisory Board role thanks to her extensive management experience gained at a diverse group of international listed companies. The remuneration policy and remuneration elements are directly derived from the Boskalis strategic agenda, incorporating not just financial-economic objectives but also CSR objectives such as safety and talent management. The 2016 Remuneration Report states clearly that these CSR aspects are part of the long-term corporate objectives. The external auditor is involved in determining the remuneration and is responsible for ensuring that the relevant procedures are followed correctly. Please refer to our corporate website for the Remuneration Report. The Board of Management is responsible for the company’s CSR policy and is supported in this role by the Taskforces Energy Management and Eco-Engineering. The manager SHE-Q reports to the Board of Management on safety related topics. With regard to HR-related objectives the HR director reports to the Board of Management. The business unit directors and the heads of the relevant staff departments report to the Board of Management on respective CSR key performance indicators. This CSR Report was drawn up under the responsibility of the director IR & Corporate Communications who also reports directly to the Board of Management. The report is reviewed by the Board of Management of Boskalis and is discussed in its entirety with the Supervisory Board. For the reports of the Supervisory Board, the Board of Management, our corporate governance policy, terms of office and our organization – including the composition of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management – please refer to our Annual Report 2016, the Remuneration Report and our corporate website.

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