CSR 2016 – Boskalis 38 biofuels, although the program also features a Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)-type biofuel. Boskalis provided funding to source biofuels for testing and for the bunkering of its own vessels, which it made available for the pilot. We used hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to start off with. We supplied one vessel – our trailing suction hopper dredger Willem van Oranje, running on Wärtsilä 32 engines – with a 30% blend biofuel in 2015. In the first half of 2016 we funded and performed testing on the cutter suction dredger Edax, as it worked on the first phase of the Marker Wadden project in the Netherlands. The biofuel used on the Edax was a blend made out of lignocellulosic waste streams from a Finnish pulp and paper company, in bio-/fossil blends of up to 50%. Lignin is the wood polymer that provides structural 5 CO 2 (Metric Tons ‘000) Fleet (%) Offices (%) 1,249 MT 99.8 0.2 fleet fuel HFO MT (‘000) fuel MGO MT (‘000) Dredging & Inland Infra 54 85 Offshore Energy 164 87 Towage & Salvage – 5 Offices Total 218 177 Co 2 MT (‘000) 679 567 * For the method used to convert fuel to CO 2 , see page 65 of this report. ** Estimated CO 2

support to plant tissues. Lignin is a by-product of many industrial processes, for example the production of cellulose from wood, and is therefore available in large quantities for use as an energy source. There were no performance issues on either the Willem van Oranje or the Edax and CO 2 reductions were in line with expectations. In later phases of the program we will be testing HFO-type biofuels. The aim of the program is to define the parameters that have been set for these fuels. Boskalis is a strong believer in creating a business case around sustainability. If the business objectives, including technical compliance, economic viability and scalability, can be aligned with sustainability, this initiative has tremendous potential for broad adaptation and could result in meaningful emission reductions.



2016 *


2015 *



MT (‘000)

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Electricity KWh (million)

Gas Mj (million)

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reduction 3 MT, due to use of electricity generated from wind energy

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