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Taskforce Eco-Engineering

Building with Nature projects in 2016

We aim to realize at least one Building with Nature project a year. Building with Nature solutions can only be applied successfully if our clients are prepared to embrace the concept and take on projects. To date, it has been mainly our clients in the high-end segment of the market who have been open to doing so. However, we actively promote the concept to all our clients, with the Taskforce Eco-Engineering playing a leading role in this respect. In addition, the Taskforce discusses, coordinates and shares knowledge and successes, as well as promoting internal awareness of the Building with Nature program within the divisions. This enables opportunities for projects and initiatives to be identified at an early stage, as well as creating a platform within the company. Chaired by a member of the Board of Management, the Taskforce includes representatives of both Boskalis’ in-house engineering department Hydronamic and senior managers.

As an EcoShape partner Boskalis is involved in a five-year project to halt coastal erosion in Java, Indonesia. The coastline in the Demak district has been retreating at an alarming rate and as it is home to some 70,000 residents, so urgent action is needed. The integrated project aims to turn the tide through a unique combination of mangrove restoration, small-scale engineering, education of the local community and sustainable land use. In 2016 we also started work on the Marker Wadden nature restoration project and executed the Griend nature preservation project. In addition, we continued to work on the pilot project involving 3D printed reefs in Monaco.

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