Collecting plastic and waste during the family day of the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour.

Isabel Blandón in the presence of Alfredo Aleman, CEO of Ocean Reef Marina. The sculpture contains elements that refer to the marine life in the immediate vicinity of the islands. The sculpture, standing 13.75 meters tall and weighing 35 tons, will be accompanied by a smaller sculpture on the second island early 2017. In previous years we reported on the Socio-Economic Development (SED) program of SMIT Amandla Marine (SAM) in South Africa. In 2016, once again, scholarships were awarded, donations were made and employees took part in a number of community projects. For more information on the Ocean Cleanup, Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour and the Vermeer exhibition please refer to our online magazine (

Other community investment programs

In addition to the initiatives above, dozens of community initiatives were carried out at project level or by local offices in 2016. These activities took place in many countries, ranging from the UK to Mexico. Examples include donations to primary schools and orphanages and sponsorships to support health and cultural programs. Furthermore, hundreds of employees engaged in various local charity initiatives. Boskalis also sponsored the sculpture Ocean Reef I created by Dutch artist Ruud Kuijer. In September 2016 the sculpture was unveiled on Punta Pacifica, the man-made island constructed by Boskalis off the coast of Panama City. The sculpture was presented by Boskalis CEO Peter Berdowski to the mayor of Panama José

CSR 2016 – boskalis

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