Boskalis Annual Report 2020

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ANNUAL REPORT 2020 – BOSKALIS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2020 A NUAL REPORT 2020 -- BOSKALIS FI ANCIAL STAT MENTS 20 Revenue from the contracting of salvage projects (part of the operational segment Towage & Salvage) is recognized based on the progress of the project. For salvage projects completed at the date of the Statement of Financial Position but for which the proceeds are not finally determined between parties, revenue is recognized at expected proceeds, insofar it is highly unlikely that these will be reversed at a later date. Revenue also includes revenue from services rendered to third parties during the reporting period. Such services include marine transport and other services of Offshore Energy. These services are charged to the customers at day rates or other rates and revenue is recognized/allocated, to a large extent, based on the number of sailing days of the vessel. The output measure relating to total sailing days is considered to be appropriate as sailing days are homogeneous. In the event that the period between payment and the service provided, or the other way around, is less than one year, the Group does not adjust the contract consideration for finance components. OTHER INCOME AND OTHER EXPENSES Other income and Other expenses mainly consist of book results from disposals. If a business combination results in a gain on acquisition, this gain is also recognized in Other income. RAW MATERIALS, CONSUMABLES, SERVICES AND CONTRACTED WORK Raw materials, consumables, services and contracted work consist of the costs recognized for work performed during the reporting period, excluding personnel expenses, amortization, depreciation and impairments. This item also includes equipment utilization costs, costs of short-term, low value or variable (if applicable) lease expenses, general overhead costs, external costs for research and development where not capitalized, currency translation differences, fair value changes of derivatives related to hedging foreign currency cash flows of projects, and other results/late results. PERSONNEL EXPENSES Personnel expenses consist of wages and salaries for own personnel and the related social security charges and pension costs, including paid and accrued contributions for defined contribution pension plans and movements in assets and liabilities from defined benefit plans including curtailments and settlements, insofar as applicable, and excluding actuarial gains and losses and the limitations on net pension plan assets added or charged directly to group equity. FINANCE INCOME AND EXPENSES Finance income comprises interest received and receivable from third parties, currency gains on financing and compensating results of negative changes in the fair value of financial instruments used to hedge interest or currency results on the financing concerned (hedged item), for which the results of the hedged item are included in the finance income. Interest income is recognized in the statement of profit or loss as it accrues, using the effective interest rate method.

Finance expenses include interest paid and payable to third parties which are reported using the effective interest method, expenses resulting from early repayments, arrangement fees, currency losses on financing and results of positive changes in fair value of financial instruments used to hedge interest or currency results on the financing concerned (hedged item), for which the results of the hedged item are included in the finance expenses. The interest component of lease payments is recognized in the statement of profit or loss using the effective interest rate method. Borrowing costs not directly attributable to the acquisition, construction or production of a qualifying asset are recognized in the statement of profit or loss. ASSOCIATES Share in result of joint ventures and associates comprises the share in the results after taxation of these investments (see note 3.2.3). It includes interest income resulting from capital invested in joint ventures and associates by means of interest- bearing loans. LIABILITIES Taxation is calculated on the basis of the result before taxation for the reporting period, taking into account the applicable tax provisions and tax rates, and also includes adjustments on taxation from prior reporting periods and movements in deferred taxes recognized in the reporting period. Taxation is included in the statement of profit or loss unless it relates to items recognized directly in equity, in which case taxation is included in equity. Income tax expenses also include the corporate income tax levied on deemed profit determined by revenue (withholding tax); these income taxes will be reduced if the redistribution facility is applied. Temporary differences are accounted for in deferred tax assets and/or deferred tax liabilities. Deferred tax assets are only recognized to the extent that it is probable that taxable profit will be available for realization in the foreseeable future. Deferred tax assets are reviewed at each reporting date and are reduced to the extent that it is no longer probable that the related tax benefit will be realized. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are offset if there is a legally enforceable right to do so, and if they relate to income taxes levied by the same tax authority on the same taxable entity or on different tax entities, but provided there is an intention to settle the tax liabilities and assets on a net basis or the tax assets and liabilities will be realized simultaneously. Deferred income tax assets and liabilities are recognized at nominal value. Additional (income) taxes that arise from the distribution of dividend are recognized at the same time that the liability to pay the related dividend is recognized. Boskalis is exposed to tax risks which could result in double taxation, additional tax payments, penalties and interest payments. The source of these risks could originate from local tax rules and regulations as well as international and EU regulatory frameworks. These include transfer pricing risks on internal cross-border deliveries of services, tax risks related to acquisitions and divestments, tax risks related to permanent establishments, tax risks relating to tax losses, interest and tax credits carried forward and potential changes in tax law that SHARE IN RESULT OF JOINT VENTURES AND TAXATION / DEFERRED INCOME TAX ASSETS AND

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