Boskalis Annual Report 2020

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ANNUAL REPORT 2020 – BOSKALIS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2020 A NUAL REPORT 2020 -- BOSKALIS FI ANCIAL STAT MENTS 020 with services rendered by the employee in the current period or prior periods. Obligations for contributions to defined contribution pension plans are recognized as an employee benefit expense as part of the personnel expenses in the statement of profit or loss when they are owed. Prepaid contributions are recognized as an asset. Contributions to a defined contribution pension plan payable more than 12 months after the period during which the employee rendered the services, are discounted. Defined benefit pension plans A defined benefit pension plan is every post-employment benefit plan other than a defined contribution plan. For each separate defined benefit pension plan, the net asset or liability is determined as the balance of the discounted value of the future payments to employees and former employees, less the fair value of plan assets. The calculations are done by qualified actuaries using the projected unit credit method. The discount rate equals the yield on high-quality corporate bonds as at the date of the statement of financial position, with the period to maturity of the bonds approximating the duration of the liability. If the calculation results in a positive balance for the group, the asset is included up to an amount equal to any unrecognized past service pension costs and the discounted value of economic benefits in the form of possible future refunds or lower future pension premiums from the fund. In calculating the discounted value of economic benefits, the lowest possible financing obligations are taken into account as applicable to the individual plans in force within the Group. An economic benefit is receivable by the Group if it can be realized within the period to maturity of the plan or upon settlement of the scheme’s obligations. Actuarial gains and losses, including any movements in limits on net pension assets, are recognized in the unrecognized results within the statement of other comprehensive income. If plan benefits are changed or if a plan is amended, past service costs or a resulting curtailment profit or loss is recognized directly in the statement of profit or loss. The Group recognizes profit or losses on the settlement of defined benefit plans at the time of settlement. Short-term employee benefits Short-term employee benefit obligations are measured on an undiscounted basis and are expensed when the related service is provided. A liability is recognized for the amount expected to be paid under short-term cash bonus or profit-sharing plans if the Group has a present legal or constructive obligation to pay this amount as a result of past services provided by the employee, and the obligation can be estimated reliably. Other long-term employee benefits Other long-term employee benefits mainly consist of jubilee benefits. The calculation of these liabilities is executed according to the ‘projected unit credit’ method, using the actuarial assumptions for the predominant defined benefit plan. Remuneration plans Members of the Board of Management and some senior employees participate in a bonus plan that is based on the

development of the share price, whereby the bonus is distributed in cash. The fair value of the amount payable over the year is recognized as personnel expenses in the statement of profit or loss, with a corresponding increase in liabilities. The liability is remeasured each reporting date and at settlement date. Any changes in the fair value of the liability are recognized as personnel expenses in the statement of profit or loss. Expenses regarding the remuneration of the Board of Management include the amounts paid, payable and accrued for annual salaries and remuneration, pension plans, short- term and long-term variable remunerations and other reimbursements. The short-term and long-term variable remuneration expenses of the Board of Management, include the charge that relates to the short-term variable part for targets for the reporting year and the charge for the long-term variable part for targets that, until the actual payment is determined by the Remuneration Committee, are based on the assumption that the performance of the Board of Management is on target. This charge also includes any changes to the amounts accrued in previous years. PROVISIONS Provisions are determined on the basis of estimates of future outflows of economic benefits relating to operational activities for legal or constructive obligations of an uncertain size or with an uncertain settlement date that arise from past events and for which a reliable estimate can be made. Provisions are discounted insofar as the difference between the discounted value and nominal value is material. If applicable, provisions relate, amongst other things, to reorganizations, warranties, onerous contracts, soil contamination, legal proceedings and received claims. Provisions for reorganization costs are recognized when the Group has a detailed formal plan for the restructuring and has announced its main features to those affected by it at the date of the Statement of Financial Position or when the execution of the plan has commenced. Provisions for warranties are recognized based on the best estimate of the expected cash outflows or cost of repair to settle contractually agreed warranties during the defect notification period for completed projects. The carrying amount of these provisions is estimated based on common industry practice and the Group’s experience with warranty claims for relevant projects. A provision for onerous contracts, including contracts with customers, is recognized when the expected benefits to be derived by the Group from a contract are lower than the remaining unavoidable cost of meeting its obligations under the contract. In accordance with the Group’s policy and applicable legal requirements, a provision for site restoration in respect of contaminated land, and the related expenses, is recognized if the land is contaminated.

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